"Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep" Romans 12:15

About the Ministry Director

Michelle Sawyer is a native of Dallas, Texas where she was born and raised with 11 siblings.  She gave her life to Christ at the age of 12 years old.  In 1996, by the Spirit of God's guidance, she moved to the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, where she rededicated her life to serving Christ.  In 2004, she became a member of Victory Christian Ministries, International in Woodbridge, Virginia where she served as a ministry leader in the church for 9 years.  A few months after joining the church, Ms. Sawyer initially served as the interim director of the preschool. After learning that the director would not be returning to the school, Ms. Sawyer was asked to stay on full-time. Here Ms. Sawyer discovered the pastor’s vision to expand the preschool to include an elementary school, by which God instructed her to establish. God used her directorship as an important training ground for the shaping and development of her ministry calling and entrepreneurship.  

In 2012, upon hearing from God, Ms. Sawyer resigned from the school after 8 years of service thinking that she could now do business on a full-time basis. She later realized that God's plan was different.  In 2013, God led her to relocate to Frederick, Md. She left the life she had established in Virginia for 14 years, including a business, in obedience to the call of God.   For over three years after relocating, she endured a wilderness season whereas she was stripped of all material goods, financial security, steady employment, and permanent housing.  Ms. Sawyer had to rely solely on God’s daily provision for her basic needs.

From this wilderness experience, Ms. Sawyer developed a greater understanding of what it is like to live day to day on very little.  She went from home to home, employment to employment and various means of transportation with little to no financial security.  Throughout it all, she remained faithful to God, submitting to His will and allowing Him to take her from glory to glory and faith to faith.  God never failed to meet her needs using different people and things to sustain her. Since moving to Frederick, God exposed her to a large number of women of the faith, some with children, who struggled daily and live in constant despair.  

This is when God revealed to her that the wilderness experience was in preparation for full-time ministry, which is to help women, and women with children, overcome their life struggles through the power and blessings of Jesus Christ.  In order to be fruitful and effective in her ministry, she believes that God wanted her to experience daily lack and hardship like so many of the women in the area.  Her compassion and love for such women grew deeper, as well as a heart of thanksgiving to God.  Additionally, during this season of transitioning into full-time ministry, Ms. Sawyer observed and encountered other women of faith who were going through a similar experience.  She noticed that a large number of these women were confused, discouraged, and felt unsupported by the church.  And because of this, they found themselves stuck at a crossroad in their spiritual journey and was not sure how to move forward or reconnect in ministry. In 2015, Ms. Sawyer launched Sisters Strong Ministries after 2 years of  God speaking to her about the vision and mission of the ministry.

Ms. Sawyer has a bachelor's degree in Psychology, with a minor in Criminal Justice from Texas Woman's University and a graduate degree in Education from George Mason University. In addition, she holds a 2-year certificate of completion from Victory Christian Bible College.  Ms. Sawyer has many years of combined experience in ministry, the work force, social services and education. God has used her experiences and education to prepare and train her for ministry, servant leadership, and entrepreneurship.